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Yarn knowledge >> Quality control measures of colored yarn
Quality control measures of colored yarn

 1 color difference

Color difference is one of the key factors that affect the quality of color spinning, and all links must be strictly controlled

(1) the best selection of the same batch of raw cotton dyeing

(2) sample spinning is carried out, batch calibration is required between batch and batch, and the mixing ratio of different color materials is accurately determined;

(3) semi-finished products to do first before use should be regulated by a note, avoid spinning raw yarn roving veil with the wrong life;

(4) mixing evenly, control should be uniform.

Mixed cotton prevent color is key to lewd spinning, small batch production by artificial blending time-consuming, bulk orders should adopt mechanical blending, and the mechanical mixing way of single size are appropriate, the raw materials needed by a set of investment proportion after weighing the mechanical mixing ratio of raw materials according to cotton. Is weighing, after full mixing after packing factory can use the disk stand-by. Mixed by the transformation of the blending bin packing, improved common Shuangqing double comb and tedious process and energy consumption.

2、the cloth have a fly fiber

fly fiber is the color spinning "cancer", easy to occur in winter, and raw materials, great variety and the temperature and humidity of the workshop, the main control measures are as follows.

(1) blending management and source to grasp, with flowers scene to strict requirements can not be mixed together, cohesion between varieties must pay attention to clean, to increase raw material inspection.

(2)It is very important to strengthen the clean production process, especially in the process of variety. Clean with sticky, wipe, roll, suction, blowing, shoot, is strictly prohibited, so as not to transfer to the adjacent fiber machine, car wash and clean thoroughly.

(3) reasonable use, recycling and management, including operation, production, recycling and laboratory recycling

(4) the implementation of 6S management, namely finishing, rectify, cleaning, cleaning, quality, safety. All kinds of container cleaning in place; semi-finished products must use cloth cover, put in a special place and spare roving spinning box; to cover with a clean cloth; another configuration some container tube to scene illumination bright.

(5) Good isolation between the work table, from the beginning of the drawing process, running the machine should have separate isolation measures. According to the flow direction, flow shop according to variety, color sensitive varieties. The reasonable arrangement of machine color, impurities should be installed on the machine function, electric cleaning parameters should be reasonable, timely the package with a plastic bag wrapped to the packaging workshop.

3、color knot, cotton knot, obviously cotton knot is an important quality index, need to be effectively controlled

(1) choose moderate fineness, good maturity, high strength fiber, cotton linter less as raw materials.

(2) according to the requirements of cotton varieties, for high-quality yarn, you can use the two carding; color knot requirements of higher varieties, the use of mesh with cotton. Using a mixed process, and the main color difference is not too large, the best color cotton blending control in about 50%, and avoid the color black, white beam.

(3) state of the equipment is better, especially the carding process, the machine must be the same process, all of the differences in the volume of carding noil is controlled within 0.5%, and the crude process is mainly to control weight unevenness and reduce long slub long caused by neps.

(4) in the spinning process, due to short high, need to do a good job in drafting components and process optimization, in order to reduce neps.

4、change the box clean

Different varieties of flower color spinning box for cleaning measures is an experience, blowing unit, pipeline, hang channel is not very good and thorough cleaning, can adopt the following measures.

(1) with white flower cutter to wash the car, about 10 kg, wash down the chopper flower color as far as possible between similar, chopping knife can also be used to wash with flowers next time, when the color of the chopper storage. When the car wash if the components vary greatly, for example, all varieties of cotton fiber, to do the cleaning the car wash to wash several times, detailed requirements.

(2) according to the varieties of color or requirements, the car anti fly is the key, the chopper with white wash, then ran down the empty, ordinary varieties, the difference in the varieties need to be more careful.

5、Dyeing problems of roller, apron

The following problems exist in dyeing

(1) the company that does the color spinning at the same time, in the whole production process, when there is one or several production lines for the color spinning varieties, a special set of clean flannelette should be arranged individually. If the special color spinning varieties are made, special cleaning should be done

(2) is close to the color of varieties, roller leather circles generally do not change as much as possible, thus turning between varieties close in color, is mainly anti fly, will improve the efficiency; if the color difference is big, not only thoroughly clean, cleaning roller apron after use to get on the bus at the same time, general combined cycle flat wiping machine.

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