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Yarn knowledge >> Spinning classification
Yarn:yarn is a continuous fiber bundle made up of short fibers and twisted by twisting.
1 according to the degree of fineness of yarn:coarse yarn,special yarn,fine yarn
2 according to the textile technology:combed yarn,carded yarn
3 according to the dyeing processing points:primary yarn,dyed yarn,colored yarn,bleached yarn,Si Guangsha
4 spinning method:ring spinning,air spinning,electrostatic spinning,vortex spinning,siro spinning
5 according to the length of the fiber:cotton yarn,medium length yarn,wool yarn,filament yarn
The line is made up of two or more than one single yarn and twisted together.
1,according to the outline of the structure of yarn:single yarn,strand,multi strand,fancy yarn,textured yarn
2,according to the composition of the yarn fiber types:pure spinning yarn,blended yarn
3,according to the use of woven yarn,knitting yarn,yarn,sewing fleece yarn,special industrial yarn
Linear density-refers to the thickness of the yarn,according to the national standard,referred to as tex,referred to as special,symbol tex,1tex=1g/km.
Wire twist-the number of twists per unit length of yarn.The twist of the yarn is directional,with Z twist and S twist.The general single yarn for Z twist,strand S twist,joint line is generally expressed in Z/S.
Because of the change of moisture content of fiber and yarn with the change of the surrounding environment,the moisture regain of textile materials has been set up in order to facilitate the valuation.

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