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Yarn knowledge >> The characteristics of Siro spinning
The characteristics of Siro spinning
     Siro spinning technology is based on two roving produced two strands of yarn in a spindle, does not need any additional twisting process when weaving two roving at a distance into the apron control area, meanwhile by drawing, when the two drawn sliver at front roller nip, twisted into a single, but the twist is very small, single properties with two strands of yarn, improves the yarn characteristics and it has high anti friction property, it must be less than the traditional single yarn hairiness. Siro spinning also overcomes the disadvantages of ordinary two strands: first the spinning geometry is optimized using siro spinning, second is not due to a yarn breakage and another yarn have not broken strands of a yarn defect.

Spinning device of siro spinning is very simple, is twisted yarn twist in the contact below by two installed in the hinge pin rod, in the normal production of yarn does not contact pin, but when the stock line in a single yarn or a yarn broken away from the body, leaving a single yarn lateral movement to the side, and the release pin lever. The yarn is wound on the two pin, thereby preventing the formation of yarn breakage and twisting. Siro spinning than single yarn in traditional ring spinning has many advantages, such as less hairiness, evenness is more uniform, the fabric has good anti pilling, softness, anti friction, fabric permeability more good. 

Siro spinning is a technology for strong adaptability, can be installed in the new spinning equipment, make spinning machines cheap and reasonably priced. Can produce all fiber in wool textile system, moreover, the added value and economic benefits of wool combed yarn are high. The general wool spinning speed than the low production of synthetic fiber. Siro spinning overcomes these disadvantages, because no longer need second twisting, but a line just once time. Siro spinning can better keep spinning strength, fine spinning yarn, application of low quality raw materials to produce a good quality of the yarn. This is an important point in wool industry, because wool is expensive, accounted for a large proportion in the cost of the product. So, the fabric properties of siro spinning yarn is similar to the double stranded wire and fabric, but the production cost is low. For example in the worsted spinning industry, siro spinning will bring greater benefits to the enterprise, because the yarn of siro spinning weaving project can meet the production of long fiber yarn and fabric related characteristics, and production costs are significantly lower than the ordinary line process, Siro spinning is most suitable for production of pure wool yarn. The nature of the yarn and almost double strand properties, the production of pure synthetic fiber yarn, feel a little stiff. Siro spinning and ordinary twin wire compared with many economic advantages: mainly in the production of combed wool yarn, can save the production cost of 40%, application of siro spinning instead of double line, double the output equivalent to the output of each spindle, a spindle, less broken spinning, ring spinning yarn is less than normal, repair broken is relatively easy, every minute can repair 300 root breakage.

    The disadvantages of Siro spinning technology: first siro spinning twist is not stable, and common stock line can make the twisting torque balance, stable twist. Second, double line knot number increase, because each spinning winding is clear, and the knot will twist into the double line and double yarn hairiness. 

Although the siro spinning in many ways instead of double stranded wire and can cancel the additional twist, but in weaving without sizing still has certain difficulty these shortcomings worthy of attention. since.1990, siro spinning have been used in the textile industry, there are many China worsted factory production application of Siro spinning combed yarn.

Similar to the Phil and Cerro siro spinning technology, developed in Australia, mainly used for processing a filament, a roving, siro spinning method instead of two roving, Marcello Phil is not suitable for the processing of pure wool, but suitable for processing long filament and fiber composite yarn.

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