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Chemical fiber knowledge >> Mechanical properties of textile fibers
Mechanical properties of textile fibers
     The strength of the fiber:the strength of the fiber is the ability to resist the destruction of external forces,it largely determines the durability of textile products.
     The strength of the fiber can be used to express the absolute strength of the fiber,it refers to the continuous increase in the load of the fiber,until the fracture can withstand the maximum load.Its legal lecturers are Newton(N)or(cN).Used with chocolate or kg.Due to the strength of the fiber and the thickness of the fiber,so the different thickness of the fiber,the absolute strength is not comparable,therefore,the relative strength of the relative strength of the fiber.The relative strength is the maximum tensile strength of the unit cell density(special or denier).Legal unit of measurement for cattle/special(N/tex)or cow/special(cN/tex).Used for GF/D said.
     Fiber elasticity:fiber and its products in the processing and use,must be subjected to external forces,and the corresponding deformation.After the removal of the external force,part of the deformation of the fiber can be restored,while the other part of the deformation will not be restored.According to the characteristics of fiber,fiber can be deformed into three parts,namely,when the external force can be restored immediately after removal of the deformation called acute elastic strain;when the external force is removed,it can partially recovered slowly deformation called delayed elastic deformation;when the external force is removed,the deformation of this part can not be restored according to the plastic deformation.The elasticity of the fiber is the ability to restore the fiber deformation.The commonly used index of fiber elasticity is the elastic recovery rate.It refers to the percentage of total elastic deformation and slow elastic deformation of a certain time.The elastic recovery of fiber is high,and the fiber has good elasticity and strong ability of deformation recovery.The fabric made of elastic fiber has good dimensional stability,and it is not easy to wrinkle in the course of taking.Such as:polyester with excellent elasticity,the clothing made with crisp,wear-resistant properties.
Wear resistance of fiber:fiber and its products in the process and the actual use of the process,due to constant wear and tear caused by friction.The wear resistance of the fiber refers to the performance of fiber resistance to external wear.Fiber wear resistance and fastness of textile products are closely related.Wear resistance is an important indicator of the performance of the fabric.The wear resistance of the fiber is related to the macromolecular structure,supramolecular structure,elongation at break and elasticity.The order of common fiber wear resistance is as follows:
polypropylene nylon vinylon acrylic polyester fiber silk cotton wool;and hemp fiber cuprammonium rayon viscose glass fiber.
     The elastic modulus of the fiber:the elastic modulus of the fiber is also known as the"initial modulus",which refers to the ratio of the stress and strain of a straight line on the tensile curve of the fiber.In the practical calculation,the elastic modulus of the fiber is obtained at the point of elongation at 1%of the general load elongation curve.The modulus of elasticity indicates the degree of difficulty of the fiber under small load,which reflects the rigidity of the fiber and is closely related to the properties of the fabric.When the other conditions are the same,the modulus of the fibers,while the fabric stiffness;on the other hand,the small elastic modulus of fabric is soft.

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